Bill has assisted me in transforming my relationship with my partner, but more importantly my relationship with myself. When we started counseling with Bill, we were arguing constantly. The emotional strain had become a heavy load, and I felt stuck in a loop of blame and anger, with no sight to get out.

Within just a few sessions with Bill, our entire dynamic shifted. The signs of his assistance were immediately apparent as arguing became less and less frequent, and we were learning how to communicate with each other and work things out on our own. It’s not that we just started to ignore, suppress, or cope. It was through Bill’s teaching us how to take responsibility for our own emotions and pain, instead of projecting and blaming it onto the other. I feel this is the greatest lesson from Bill, which has changed my life. To heal my emotional pain, I must claim it as my own, without blaming anyone else. This is a scary concept at first, but the compassion, support, and love I receive from Bill turns it from scary to fun!

I could not speak higher praise, or recommend working with Bill enough. He has an amazing ability to feel what is going on, and to feel the deeper layers. He often times knows what I am feeling without me saying it out loud. This inevitably creates a “no-bullshit” environment, which makes it easy to cut to the core of an issue and get down to business! His deep passion and abilities in assisting people to understand themselves is inspiring-contagious almost- you can’t help but feel this is what he came here to do. Sometimes looking so closely at myself is scary, and I don’t always like what I see. But I always feel supported, with Bill, knowing he has wisdom to offer, as one who has walked this path himself. When I feel frustrated and overwhelmed with my emotions, he helps me see through the veil, and remember what is real and true. He reminds me weekly to see past my beliefs, and remember who I really am. I am so grateful to work with Bill. I don’t think I would be where I am today without his guidance.

I could not thank you enough for how you are assisting me to grow. Thank you, from the depths of my heart.

Rachel Snow

Bill Dean has been an essential asset to our family of four for almost two years.  He has an instinctive ability to offer support in the areas that each of us need, providing stimulating challenges and opportunities for personal growth.

Bill has helped me personally to access talents and strengths that I had been denying for various reasons.  In casting off unwanted, unnecessary and obstructive constraints, I am much happier and more authentic.

Our time together as a family has been enriched and our interactions are more positive and gratifying.  We are immensely thankful to Bill for the opportunity to work with him individually and as a family.


My experience of Bill Dean is one who is insightful, genuine, and willing to openly share his wealth of knowledge and experiences.
Bill facilitated seminars assisting participants to discover a deeper knowledge of themselves and how to relate positively and effectively with others.  I witnessed many parents open their eyes and hearts to a new way of thinking and creating a whole and happy family. They left with new hope and excitement, realizing they have an opportunity to make new choices that work in their lives. I also had the privilege of assisting him work with trouble teens. He treated them firmly yet compassionately, truly making a positive impact on their lives as well – my daughter being one of them.
There have been so many ways that Bill has assisted me in finding myself. He gently encourages me to continue to grow in self-knowledge and worthiness. I still have much to learn, but Bill certainly jump started my life when it was idle.

Mary Sue

I first met Bill Dean at the ‘Sammamish Plateau Parenting Network’ and was amazed at how quickly he can get to the heart of a matter and right down to the root of a family conflict. Right before my eyes I witnessed him help each parent in the group identify the source of a conflict, turn it over and look at it differently, and then arm them with some tools to re-approach the issues! It was amazing to me. Each time I see Bill in a group setting I marvel at how quickly he can assess a situation and offer practical tools to help families function on a happier, healthier level; including my own!


We have found it so comfortable to have Bill come to the secure venue of our home each week. (Who knew that people still make house calls?)
Bill helps coach us through the often stressful process of negotiating a new ‘blended family’ and helps us with tools on how to meet each individual’s needs. We’ve learned from Bill that if we handle our own issues as parents, the issues with the children seem to evaporate on their own…something I would not have believed before. Family coaching is ‘money well spent’ to us-because without a cohesive family, nothing else works, or matters.  We recommend his services and insights wholeheartedly!

The Venti’s

I recommend Bill Dean’s coaching services to anyone who wants to truly understand what their children are feeling and thinking. Bill’s approach is not how to manage a family or children, but rather how to truly understand and respect the unique individuals that make up the family.  He shows that by allowing each person to be their best possible, freest self…the problems seem to go away on their own.  For Bill it is all about each person feeling valued; and he coaches families on how to get there. Who wouldn’t want that?


One year ago, my wife and I were in need of counseling for our family. Bill Dean came highly recommended by a mutual friend and he has been working with us ever since.

Bill’s approach is very straight forward and he strives to get to the cause of the issue, rather than working around them. Bill has a way of gaining your trust and allowing you to be transparent, while at the same time not feeling judged.

Bill has been a big part of our families healing process and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. I would highly recommend Bill to anyone and the name of his company says it all, “Whole and Healthy Family Solutions.”


Bill is an incredibly perceptive person and, often without verbal cues, can very quickly determine the family dynamics. He works with all family members, as we all play a role in the flux of normal activities.

As a parent, I had much to learn about myself. Bill helped me piece my family of origin together and I was then able to better understand my own family’s dynamics.  My daughter commented that I seemed much happier when I worked with Bill and I felt like I had a friend in whom I could confide.

I highly recommend Bill as a coach when your family is under stress.


Bill has been in our family’s life in very powerful ways, when he worked for Resource and beyond after branching out on his own very wonderful venture. For one, he was always guiding usl to be communicative with one another in a loving way, while knowing, understanding and standing in values within our individual boundaries. My daughter, husband and I are closer than ever, and even when we don’t agree on all things all of the time – we have found ways to discuss our differences without pointing fingers, blaming and just looking at what matters most, using the end result desired as our beacon and courage.


I am forever grateful for Bill Dean’s loving help through the heartbreaking life tragedies I’ve experienced. I went from overwhelm to excitement, despair to joy, heartbreak to heartfelt! He helped me re-connect to my true self. Though I wouldn’t want the tragedy again, I’m thankful because now I’m not just an over-comer but I love life!


I first met Bill when I was 17 at an At-Risk Youth facility he opened. I was full of anger, sadness, and I felt completely lost and mis-understood. Bill was the first person to understand me for who I was. He has assisted me so much to understand and heal my painful experiences. If it wasn’t for him, I would not have turned my life around. I am forever grateful for the assistance he has given me and that he continues to give. My life would not be the wonderful journey it has become if I had never met Bill. Thank you for all you have done in my life. With love,

Matt D.