The purpose of my coaching is to assist families to truly experience more joy, mutual respect and connection. Even when the cause for the coaching is a troubled child, I find the most successful outcome is when the entire family joins in by working on themselves as individuals, and together to change the family dynamic and home environment. When the child resists or refuses to join in this effort; most of the time the resistance is overcome when the child sees that Mom and Dad are working on themselves. This Whole Family Coaching approach has assisted many families where individual counseling or therapy has failed.

I never make anyone out to be wrong or at fault. Instead we explore whatever issues arise from a place of love, respect and support which lends itself to healing the old wounds and establishing a whole and healthy family.

Individual and Couples Coaching

I also offer my services to both individuals and couples. The same approach of love, respect and support is used during this exploration and healing effort.

Group Coaching

Sometimes situations arise when people can get together to do healing work in a group.  There does not need to be a similarity of the issues that have surfaced in order to form a group; only a desire to make changes.  The minimum group size is 6 and the maximum is 10.

Phone Sessions

Phone sessions are available to those that do not live in the Seattle area.

First Session Free

As a way to determine if coaching with me is a fit, the first session is free.  During this session we will talk about the issues and the desired outcome and then discuss the opportunities of coaching. For more information on coaching please feel free to call me at 425 765-3637 or email me at