Bill has been working with teens and families exclusively since 1995.  This followed an extensive practice of assisting countless thousands of individuals to find and follow their own unique life-path.  Starting in 1978 he was a seminar facilitator with organizations, both domestically and in foreign countries, which provided avenues to positive learning and success.  He has also worked with many business organizations helping their executives find and practice their true purpose and vision.

Bill’s passion for children began early when he received his secondary teaching certificate at the University of Washington.  This passion was reignited in 1995 when he was invited to work with an organization which brought behavioral modification seminars to children placed in residential treatment centers and specialty schools.  His work with these schools allowed him to assist over 20,000 teens and their parents and siblings over the course of nine years.

In 2004 Bill started Eagle’s Nest School for Boys in Colorado, an all male residential child care facility to assist boys and their families to find and heal the core issues which had interrupted their ability to be whole and healthy.  The school closed in the fall of 2008 after having served over 100 boys and their families.

Since then Bill has continued his passion by offering family coaching, parent workshops and family weekend workshops.  Whole and Healthy Family Solutions exists to assist families and the individuals who make up these families to find joy, connection and peace.

Bill lives in the Seattle area near his two daughters, his son-in-law and his two grandchildren.